Max Ravitz (aka Patricia) uses a Moog Subharmonicon, a Mother-32, and a DFAM to make beautiful music in his garden.

In this new semi-modular exploration, Asheville-based electronic music producer and Moog Product Specialist Max Ravitz (aka Patricia) brings Subharmonicon together with Mother-32 and DFAM for an intricate performance among the flora of his garden at home. Subharmonicon provides two layers of rhythmic chordal movement, touched with a bit of delay from the OTO Machines BIM 12-bit delay. Mother-32 plays a counter melody creating unique harmonies against the tuning of Subharmonicon’s suboscillators. Lastly, DFAM glues the composition together with a deep analog kick drum, while the entire 3-tier system is processed by the OTO Machines BAM for some light reverb to give dimension to the mix. More from Patricia: here


Clair de Lune


PATCH NOTES HERMOD // - Sequencing 4 Voices ~ Two note and Two Velocity. - Note Tracks sequencing Rings Pitch. - Velocity Tracks controlling rings brightness CV. - Sequence written from a Kawai Piano. ~ Piano Midi out -- Logic Pro X -- Hermod -- Voices. RINGS // In 4 voice polyphonic mode processed by clouds. CLOUDS // In Granular mode warping under LFO's from Ornament and Crime.